Budapest, Hungary

So in the time between my last post and now, I have spent a summer working the very boring life of a retail worker, taken the odd camping trip to the coast and have moved to Budapest. I am here for my year abroad and moved on September 19th and cannot get enough of this … More Budapest, Hungary


Weight and Wonder

Initially, the theme of the group was dark, things that were a bit uncertain. We grouped together to do crits so we could better get to know the way each other worked and what ideas we each had for the exhibition. The theme still seemed to fit so we continued to explore it. The more … More Weight and Wonder

‘White Cube’

I decided I would begin to expand the abstract, colour focused paintings I had been producing. I wanted to go back to the idea of the city and explore how I could pull this into the paintings. On one of my many train journey’s around the country, I found myself on one in particular that … More ‘White Cube’

Abstraction in colour

Another project idea I was exploring was colour in nature. Since I had one side focused on the exploration of shapes in the landscape, I decided to explore the other factor: that of colour. My favourites overall were the following: However, they were painted landscape, as nature inspired scapes, however I prefer them portrait, as … More Abstraction in colour