The Shape of Water

When I was exploring this project idea was around the time I saw Guillermo del Toro’s latest film The Shape of Water. Like I am so often inspired in my art by literature, I find cinema has the same effect. Del Toro’s film was a beautiful piece of art that was a true gem and the perfect escape from reality and visually it was wonderful to watch and so very inspiring.

The colour palette was something that captured me. As was fitting with the theme of the film, the colour palette was centrally greys, greens and blues. As the protagonist however falls in love, there is the subtle addition of red which becomes a symbol, ever so simply.


I paid close attention to the murky colours, finding that I was using them in my paintings anyway. The ideas that came about while watching the film were definitely something I am interested in considering. The occasional red did remind me of the work I produced for my end of year show during first year, in which the odd red mark would appear.


Continuing on from the ideas surrounding Del Toro and the subtle use of colour, I created a couple more experiments which drew upon my work from over summer while in Cornwall. After seeing the work of Jessica Warboys in the Tate, St. Ives, I sat on the beach and drew figures in the landscape but did so by focusing on Warboys’ use of colour. (Some of these sketchbook pages can be found in my post about my summer week in Cornwall.) I experimented again with coloured pencil as I did with the original studies and also in gouache. This brought back the element of bold colour amid the dull, but the duller colour palettes are the ones I seem to focus on.


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