Empty Spaces, City Shapes

I managed to make successful process with my exhibition project. The whole concept was nerve-wracking yet exciting. One of the first issues was finding a group in which I felt I could fit into with my work. As I have been working on a number of different avenues within the same project ideas over the past couple of months, it was easy for me to tailor the specific route I would follow in terms of the exhibition to what ideas my peers were exploring. The running theme of location, interiors and exteriors were popular amongst the group and this was perfect for fitting in my Empty Spaces, City Shapes series. This meant that I wanted to develop the series further, just to give my relatively small paintings a denser body of work.

I began to expand this body to build on more of the empty spaces and city shapes I have encountered. I enjoyed the process of creating this series and felt that I had a number of themes running through. I have been exploring my view of the city as a very geometric landscape, using hand mixed, unnatural colour palettes, dissimilar to the ones from my White Cube series. I wanted to be representing the complete opposite of nature and of landscape painting. (It would be interesting to try and swap the two palettes in further experiments.) Of course I was exploring the yearning for the sea. The sea spans miles and miles, it looks so endless, unlike the empty shapes of the city spaces, making closed up boxes out of rooms. One of my paintings is also of a train view from my position on a table seat looking across to the empty seat opposite me and the empty window. I wanted to represent the limbo of travelling between two homes and also maintain this idea of industry, ignoring the nature outside of the carriage. Finally, another of my paintings features an empty armchair, rather unlike any of my other paintings, this is the first room to contain something. However of course, it is empty. I wanted to explore the idea of something missing. Being away from home means being away from family and all the goings on that I kind of have to absent myself from since I cannot be there. A primary aspect of this currently is family members being ill. The empty chair supposes their absence and my inability to do anything about this, playing on this idea of taking things for granted and not being able to fill a hole as simply as you have been able to before.


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